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Holiday In The Real Spain

If "Peace and Quiet" is your dearest holiday wish, you might just have found the answer.

If all you have ever wanted to do at Alicante Arrivals is to slip quietly into one of those white taxis, disappear for a few days and find somewhere real where you could pull up the drawbridge, you have certainly found the right place.

Holiday planning can start here.

That taxi will take you away from the beaches, far from the madding crowd (in 30 minutes) to Castalla in the kingdom of Aragon where the spoken language is Valenciana.

Castalla has a Castle. It has a Casca Antigua (a medieval city) and in the centre of the Casca Antigua there is a house, Castlenel which lies in the most traditional street in the whole of Castalla, the Carrer Mig.

This website is created by the Comparsa - the group of people who found that house and restored it. They live in it for some of the year, but the house itself is often available for holiday letting.

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